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Pins in Sterling Silver

CODE(0x1545020) Items listed from Left to Right - Top to Bottom
11-Super Chief Pin 115.00 Qty.
26-Pie N The Sky Pin 95.00 Qty.
33P-Haley's Comet Pin 85.00 Qty.
19S-Winged Pin with Stone 175.00 Qty.
51-Mercury Pin 150.00 Qty.
PAD27PSS6-Deco Crucifix Pin #18 55.00 Qty.
15-Thunderbird Pin 125.00 Qty.
32P-Astro Cruise Pin 95.00 Qty.
19-Winged Pin 150.00 Qty.
47P-Atomic Pin 90.00 Qty.
225-Pie N The Sky Pin 14KT Gold 950.00 Qty.
94S-Mesa Pin with Turquoise 150.00 Qty.

All prices subject to immediate change, due to precious metal and other materials pricing fluctuations.

Give a memorable gift like sterling silver cufflinks, key rings, or golf ball markers, an elegant pin, money clip or shirt studs.
These are just some of the assorted unique designs from Santa Fe jewelry designer David Dear.

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