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Assorted Leather and Exotic Belts

Assorted Leather and Exotic Belts
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Horned Alligator Chocolate
Alligator Dark Brown
Alligator Peanut
Alligator Black
Alligator Peanut
Alligator Burgundy
Alligator Peanut
Lizard Black
Lizard Peanut
Lizard Dark Brown
Ostrich Peanut
Calf Dark Brown
Calf Peanut
Bullneck Black
Bullneck Peanut
Bullneck Dark Brown

Our Belts have been given simple codes to help with ordering of the color, style, and sizes. Here is a simple explanation of the codes.
Style:T=Tapered CutD=Dress Cut   
Skin Type:A=AlligatorB=BullneckL=LizardH=Cow HideC=Calf
Basic 3 Colors:K=BlackN=BrownP=Peanut  
Most Other Colors Available Upon Request

Buckle Sizes:
#4=4/4"(1") tapers up to 1 1/4"
#3=3/4" tapers up to 1 1/8"
#2=2/4"(1/2") tapers up to 1"
May Taper Wider if Custom

Example Product Codes:
Code letters are used in combination to create the product codes used in ordering. To complete the code, add the belt size to the end of the code.
  • TL4K__ - This is a tapered Lizard 1" buckle size in black (add size)
  • TL4K36 - This is a tapered Lizard 1" black 36"
  • DA3N32 - This is a dress alligator 3/4" brown 32"
Skins such as Ostrich, Snake, Stingray, and Other Exotics are also Available Upon Request.

To measure for proper size, just use an old belt you already have. Measure from the tip of the buckle tongue to the hold that is usually used. This distance will be the size to the middle hole on the new belt. Belt sizes are about 2 inches greater that your pant size.
Belt SizingA

Extra length billets for tying off your buckles tip are available upon request.

Soft skin belts are reversible and available in almost any color.

Usually 36" - 38" total length $55.00
TA4 - $325.00TL4 - $130.00TH4 - $65.00TB4 - $105.00TC4 - $105.00
DA4 - $325.00DL4 - $125.00DH4 - $55.00DB4 - $105.00DC4 - $105.00
TA3 - $325.00TL3 - $125.00TH3 - $60.00TB3 - $105.00TC3 - $105.00
DA3 - $300.00DL3 - $125.00DH3 - $50.00DB3 - $95.00DC3 - $95.00
TH2 - $50.00
DH2 - $40.00

Special Order Pricing:

Sizes over 40" -
each additional inch

Extra Length (to tie off)

Alligator - $8.00Alligator - $25.00
Lizard - $5.00Lizard - $15.00
Calf  - $3.00Calf  - $12.50
Cow Hide - $2.00Cow Hide - $7.50
Bullneck - $3.00Bullneck - $12.50

All prices subject to immediate change, due to precious metal and other materials pricing fluctuations. Ask about our Designs of the month and special pricing!

Order genuine leather belts of cowhide, calf and bullneck plus exotics like alligator, lizard, stingray, ostrich, from David Dear of Santa Fe.
Choose from a large selection of Western and Southwestern styles of flat, braided and tooled dress belts.

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