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Bracelets in Sterling Silver updated

53-Punabay Bracelet (on top green corn above) 500.00 Qty.
79S3-Chinle Bracelet with Turquoise (on green corn above) 975.00 Qty.
75-Bubba Bracelet - Mens or Ladies (on green corn above) 875.00 Qty.
61-Dude Bracelet - Mens (on green corn lower) 600.00 Qty.
71-Vega Bracelet Sterling Silver (on green corn lower) 400.00 Qty.
93S-Rails Bracelet with Turquoise - Mens (on green corn lower) 875.00 Qty.
72BLL-Buck Rogers Linked Bracelet - Ladies (on sandstone) 525.00 Qty.
72BLM-Buck Rogers Linked Bracelet - Mens (on sandstone) 500.00 Qty.
78S-San Juan Bracelet with Turquoise (on sandstone) 400.00 Qty.

All prices subject to immediate change, due to precious metal and other materials pricing fluctuations. Ask about our Designs of the month and special pricing!

Fine contemporary Southwestern sterling silver and 14 karat gold bracelets with turquoise and opal.
Shop here for high end, museum quality jewelry from renowned designer David Dear of Santa Fe.

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