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Concho Buckles in Sterling Silver

CODE(0x1f5b258) Items listed from Left to Right
21-La Palma Concho Belt 2950.00 Qty.
55-Ventana Linked Concho Belt (fits through most belt loops) 2950.00 Qty.
12-Prado Concho Belt (fits through most belt loops) 2500.00 Qty.
4-Chrome Dome Concho Belt 2850.00 Qty.
98S-Roswell Concho Belt with Turquoise (fits through most belt loops) 3950.00 Qty.
58S-Fluted Concho Belt with Stones 3950.00 Qty.
3-Repousse' Concho Belt 2950.00 Qty.

All prices subject to immediate change, due to precious metal and other materials pricing fluctuations. Ask about our Designs of the month and special pricing!

High end sterling silver concho belts and buckles inspired by traditional American Indian and Art Deco motifs.
From his Santa Fe studio David Dear offers a large selection of this iconic type of Southwestern jewelry made popular by Jim Morrison and others.

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