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Rings & Earrings in Sterling Silver & Gold

CODE(0x23c3c78) Items listed from Top to Bottom
092S-Fanned Earrings Silver Stones 325.00 Qty.
92W-Fanned Earrings Sterling Silver no Balls 125.00 Qty.
092-Fanned Earrings Sterling Silver with Balls 175.00 Qty.
77ED-Stealth Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver 225.00 Qty.
47E-Atomic Earrings Sterling Silver 200.00 Qty.
48-Curtain Earrings Sterling Silver 175.00 Qty.
72ED-Buck Rogers Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver 250.00 Qty.
33E-Haley's Comet Earrings Sterling Silver with Balls 185.00 Qty.
248-Curtain Earrings 18KT Gold call for pricing
33EW-Haley's Comet Earrings Sterling No Ball 175.00 Qty.

All prices subject to immediate change, due to precious metal and other materials pricing fluctuations. Ask about our Designs of the month and special pricing!

Stunning high end earrings and rings of sterling silver and 14 karat gold set with lapis, turquoise, diamonds and pearls.
Crisp lines and dazzling details inspired by Southwest Native American and Art Deco motifs are distinguishing features of jewelry by David Dear of Santa Fe.

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