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David Dear is a New Mexico silversmith of Welsh, English, and Choctah/Cherokee decent. His classic designs are available at his gallery and artist studio near Espanola, New Mexico. The gallery is located just 23 miles north of the historic Santa Fe Plaza, in the beautiful Espanola Valley on US Hwy 285. This is a wonderful stopping point on the way to the famous art colony of Taos, New Mexico.

David's Silver and Gold Designs and Custom Pieces are shown throughout the United States and collected all over the world. His works are part of the:

  • Museum of New Mexico
  • Wheelwright Museum Collections
  • photo archives of the Smithsonian Institution
Awards received by David Dear include a prestigious award from the National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman's fellowship as well as many other awards.

David has judged, been a board member and worked with the world famous Santa Fe Indian Market, and the Eight Northern Indian Art Show for many years, as well as being a patron of the arts and volunteer for many worthwhile arts and crafts events. He is available for art show services and judging.

Workshops have been taught around the world, including the:

  • Museum of New Mexico School
  • Society of North American Goldsmiths
  • Hochschule Fur Angevante Kunst
  • Oo onnah Center
  • Santa Fe Metal Arts School
  • to mention a few...

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